Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):

Three subject combinations are offered in the Faculty of Arts. Candidates can select any one subject from each combination (with a few other terms and conditions). Candidates will not be allowed to select more than one subject from one combination:

First Combination: Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Medieval History

Second Combination: Ancient History, Political Science, Philosophy, Geography

Third Combination: Psychology Physical Education, Economics, Education, Mathematics and Statistics.

  1. Mathematics and Statistics will be allowed only with Economics in B.A Semester I (ESM group). This group is available only for those students who have studied Mathematics in class XII.
  2. Not more than two literatures can be opted from among English Literature or Hindi or Urdu or Sanskrit.
  3. Students can select either Medieval History or Ancient History, both not allowed.
  4. Students cannot select more than one practical subject eg. a student can select either Geography or Psychology or Physical Education.
  5. Physically Challenged students cannot select Physical Education subject.
  6. In B.A. Semester V, students will be allowed to retain two subjects and drop one of the three subjects which they selected in Semester I. This is an online process and once two subjects have been selected and one subject has been dropped, modification in subject selection will not be entertained.

Master of Arts (M.A.):

Some of the following subjects offer M.A. course as well. The Admission in M.A. is done on the basis of Admission rules of the University of Allahabad.

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