Maintenance Policy

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities


Our college being an autonomous constituent college of University of Allahabad funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under 2f and 12B, is governed by the financial rules such as UGC regulations, GFR 2017 and the University’s extant statutes, guidelines, ordinances, regulations and rules with respect to the financing, procurement and utilization of the College’s infrastructure. The college allocates sufficient funds in its annual budget to undertake various works of maintenance, repair, restoration and purchase of computers and electronic equipment for the digitization of the office. Funds are also allocated for the purchase of books, journals and magazines. The Maintenance Department, General Purchase/Procurement Committee, Library Committee, Staff Council, Timetable Committee etc. of the college manages the utilization of the available infrastructure optimally. One full time and one-part time maintenance officers oversee the maintenance of buildings, class-rooms and laboratories. Regular maintenance of physical infrastructural facilities such as air conditioning, Water coolers etc. Maintenance of digital infrastructure such as computers, printers, projectors and servers is done through the maintenance department by trained staff and external agencies. The college has two full time electricians, one plumber and one generator operator to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity and water. The college also has computer hardware and software maintenance staff, vehicle stand keeper, gardeners and 24-hour security at the gate and inside the campus. To ensure cleanliness in the campus dustbins are kept at every place and authorized agencies from the Nagar Nigam removes the accumulated garbage. Solar lights are placed to make energy saving campus. The college also receives feedback from students, teaching and non- teaching staff regarding the infrastructural facilities. The Principal may appoint a duly constituted committee or assign the work to the administrative office to ensure that maintenance work is completed. Procedure for utilization of facilities with respect to the academic infrastructure such as classrooms and laboratories, the timetable committee evaluates and optimizes the use based on the curriculum needs, time and area. Rooms of different sizes are allotted in accordance with the strength of the classes. The Timetable Committee also makes recommendations towards expanding the existing space, if required. Teachers also suggest more efficient use of the existing infrastructure, to balance the academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In case of infrastructural requirement for extra-curricular activities and sports, the Staff Council sets the broad guidelines on the usage of infrastructure, which are then ratified by the Administrative Office before implementation. The allocation of infrastructure to activities such as workshops and conferences is done through a two-step process which considers the availability and the scale of the event. In case of support facilities, the need for infrastructure is first considered by a designated committee constituted by the Principal. The designated committee submits their recommendations for allocation of existing infrastructure for the support facility which is then implemented by the College.