Department of Mathematics
Teaching in Mathematics had started at the graduate level in 1950 under the Headship of Prof. S.Bose with Mr. N.N. Bhattacharya as the other lecturer. Later Mr. Jacob Masih joined the Department. Mr. N.N. Bhattacharya (who later became Emeritus Professor of U.G.C.) was its Head from 1957 to 1975 after which Mr. Jacob Masih took over the headship for two years. In 1977 Mr. S. Pathak became the head and continued till 2010 after whom Mr. S.S. Tripathi took over the Headship. After the retirement of Mr. Tripathi in May 2012, Dr. Piyush Khare took over the charge of the department. Meanwhile many eminent personalities served the Department as lecturer such as Prof. R.D. Pathak (joined Allahabad University later), Prof. Satya Deo Tripathi (presently in HRI, Allahabad), Prof. U.S. Gupta (later joined Roorkee University), Prof. R.S. Bajpai and Mr. N.C. Richards (both migrated to U.S.A.), Mr. Aditya Swaroop (I.A.S.), Mr. Ashok Kumar (Indian Foreign Service), Prof. Atul Narain Roy (presently in U.S.A.), Dr. H.S. Tripathi (retired in 1995), Dr. L.B. Singh (retired in 2003), Dr. R.L. Gupta (retired in 2006). Statistics was added as a subject at graduate level in 1970 and the department was renamed as "Department of Mathematics and Statistics". In 2001 Statistics became a separate Department. Among several academic activities, the most notable are the two state level Summer Institutes organized by the Department for Intermediate Mathematics Teachers.