Education is a multidisciplinary subject and its scope extends in the various fields of sciences and humanities. Its basic knowledge also helps in setting a strong knowledge base for B.Ed. Course too. The Department was established in 1956. The Department is located on the First Floor of the Philadelphia building of the College. 

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Name : Dr. Vidyapati
Designation : Assistant Professor & Head
Department : Education
Qualification : M. Sc (Zoology), Ph. D. (Zoology 1988), M.Ed., Ph. D. (Education 1992)
Area of Specialization : Higher Education, Educational Philosophy, History of Education.
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Name : Mr. Justin P. Sahae
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Education
Qualification : M. Sc. (Chemistry), M. Ed., D. Phil (Thesis submitted and Viva awaited), NET Education
Area of Specialization : Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Evaluation.
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Visitor No : 63731453
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