Biological Techniques And Specimen Preparation

Establishment with brief history

Biological Technique and specimen preparation (BTSP) is a vocational subject offered in combination with Botany and Zoology at the degree level. It was started in the academic session 2001-2002 as a UGC sponsored programme under the patronage of Botany Department.

Infrastructure, Intake lab facilities etc

         One well furnished Lecture Theatre with capacity of 120 students
         Laboratories of Botany Department are used as and when needed
         Research Microscope Trinocular (Nikon)
         Binocular Research Microscope (Olympus)
         Chromatographic Apparatus
         Electrophoresis apparatus - horizontal and vertical
         Distillation Assembly (Leibig Condensor)
         Dissecting tray with wax 15
         Deep Fridge
         Compound Microscope 15
         LCD Projector
         Television color
         Sieve (Brass)
         Tissue culture and Microbiology Lab.
            a. Laminar Air Flow System
            b. Microwave Oven
            c. Electronic balances 5
            d. Analytical balance 3
            e. Single Pan balance
            f. Ecological Equipments (Portable Water and Soil Analysis kit, Audiometer, Lux meter, Quadrat, pH meter)

         Computer system (PC 2, Laser Printers, Internet facility)
         Multimeter digital 12
         Departmental Library
            a. 2006-2007 152 reference and text books.

         Anatomical Unit (Microtome)
         16 Almirah for microscopes
         Steel rack for tissue culture 2
         Air conditiner1

Show Staff
Name : Dr.M. Pati
Designation : Co-ordinator
Department : Biological Techniques and Specimen Preparation
Qualification : M.Sc.,D.Phil
Area of Specialization : Biotechnology & Plant Physiology
E-Mail :
Visitor No : 67509570
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