Department of Electronics started in session 1994-95 in Physics building with teaching of ‘Electronic Equipment Maintenance’ as vocational subject under the leadership of Dr. K. P. Tewari. Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh, who was associated from the very beginning of the course, took charge as coordinator in 1996. Several academic & infrastructural upgrades have taken place. Modified syllabus has been implemented from the academic session 2002-03 and the present subject title is ‘Electronics’. This is one of the subjects in B.Sc. PEM (Physics, Electronics, and Mathematics) stream.


The course is based on strong theoretical and practical coursework with emphasis on application. Practical training is offered through following laboratories-


(a)     Analog and digital Electronics lab (General lab)

(b)     Audio, video and Microprocessor lab

(c)     Computer lab


Laboratories are well equipped with multiple units of DPM, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Analog based Oscilloscope, Digital and Analog based oscillators, Dual output DC regulated power Supply, Analog and Digital multimeters, CRO trainer Kit, LCR meter, Microprocessor kit, T.V. & T.V. Trainer Kit, DVD trainer, Pattern generator, Analog computer and Advanced digital computer.


Semester VI students are imparted skill orientation through Subject Specific Skill Enhancement course (SEC) on “Control Systems”. Students can avail departmental library facility in addition to central library facility of the College. ICT tools including multimedia projector in addition to traditional chalk and talk have enriched the learning experience. Department offers good prospects for jobs, self employment and higher studies. 



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Designation : COORDINATOR
Department : Electronics
Qualification : M. Sc., M. Tech., MBA, D. Phil.
Area of Specialization : Electronics
E-Mail : anilsingh012@rediffmail.com
Department : Electronics
Qualification : M. Sc., D. Phil.
Area of Specialization : Solid State Physics
E-Mail : drakshukla@gmail.com
Name : Er. Pankaj Srivastava
Designation : GUEST FACULTY
Department : Electronics
Qualification : M. Tech.
Area of Specialization : Microprocessors, Nano-science
E-Mail : pankajprathamm@gmail.com
Name : Er. Anisha S. Gill
Designation : GUEST FACULTY
Department : Electronics
Qualification : M. Tech.
Area of Specialization : Communication System Engineering
E-Mail : anishagill007@gmail.com
Name : Mr. P. Nandan
Designation : Demonstrator
Department : Electronics
Qualification : B.Sc., Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Area of Specialization :
E-Mail : pnandan_alldecc@yahoo.co.in
Name : Mr. Christopher Cornelius
Designation : Laboratory Assistant
Department : Electronics
Qualification : Diploma in Radio and T.V.
Area of Specialization : Electronics and computers
E-Mail : christo_corn@yahoo.com
Visitor No : 67740095
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