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1. Established in 1902 as a PG College

2. First College imparting University education in Affiliating

3. Reduced to intermediate standard due to Allahabad University Reorganizatio Act, 1921

4. Established Ewing Christian University College in 1923 in the vicinity of the University, to retain higher education classes, which is now William Holland University College

5. Graduate Classes restored to ECC in 1950s

6. Amongst first 30-35 Colleges of the Country, where UGC Schemes are inaugurated e.g. COSSIP in 1971, COHSSIP in 1975, Vocationalization of First Degree Program in 1994

7. Autonomous scince 1994 (now 22 years), one of the 5-6 Colleges in UP today

8. First College of the University to go for NAAC Accreditation in 2004

9. First College of the University to be awarded CPE Status by the UGC in 2006

10. First and the only College of the University to be selected as a Community College by the UGC in 2014

11. College also selected for B. Voc. Program by the UGC in 2015, but not able to start due to delay at University level 

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